Shilan Ghazi

Solo Exhibition 

 .  Art time Gallery
    Tehran / Iran 2018
    Attitude from upward to downward

 .  Seyhoun Gallery
    L.A. USA 2017

 . Private Studio
   Dubai. 2009

 . Hafiz residency

Group Exhibitions 

. Iranian Artist Forum Gallery

Tehran/Iran 2023

. Golestan Art Gallery

  Tehran/Iran 2020

. Contemporary Art talent Show
  Cesena/Italy 2018

. Neta Art Gallery
  Istanbul/Turkey 2018

. Idil Art Gallery
  Istanbul /Turkey 2018

. Light of expression 
  Tehran/Iran 1996


.  Memorial signature in MOCA 1997

.  Appreciated and prize for the logo of counseling Azad                 University 1993

Published Books as author 

. Rarities 2020
  Forty-four short stories 

Children's book 2018

Dot and line
Debate’s of Square and Circle 



She was 16 years old that became interested in painting and drawing and in 1985 she was admitted in university in Fine Arts but it was not possible for her to continue her education. She continued her studies in art and painting for many years and in 1994 she successfully won the reward and letter of appreciation for designing logo for IAU Consultant Group.
In 1996 she was invited to the 3rd exhibition of Women Painting named “Tajali Ehsas” and conferred letter of appreciation. She also signed Fine Arts Artists’ Book as memento in the museum of Contemporary Arts in 1997.
She taught painting for 10 years in her private gallery and held a group exhibition for her art students in Shaghaghi Gallery in 2005 and is teaching and painting yet.
In painting world, she is following her philosophical deep thinking and fast artistic developments pushed her to change her style from impressionism to abstract painting.
Her interest in simplicity and reality of the world as it is, creates a new idea of peace that you can see and feel it in her works. Her painting world is a refuge that God has descended for her.


Painting is an adventure for me in relation with recognition of my inner world and creating balance between it and the world environment. When I see my painting, I discover current flow of my unconscious mind.different colors, forms and techniques each one are a different discovery for achieving my goal. I forget my fears and silence and easily express my feeling about peace with world and antagonists. And I paint quick storm and metamorphosis on the surface using different colors which come from my soul.

Attitude;Upward to Downward

From the time, when I looked at the sky,it revealed the infinite heavens.Then I saw many people from earth who were concerned looking their skies above. And our solidarity wasn't much low!

Like the infinite Galaxy. There are times in which we feel far away from earth in infinite lighting years.