• A bitter failure Oct.2016

    _ Where are u?

    _ I am in my clothes.

    _ I am , telling you,where you are?

    _ I am sitting on my desk .

    The woman cries loudly.

    My mother is unconscious . Ambulance took her to the Loghman Hospital.She is

    distracted . Now , the man pays attentation.You follow me soon, I am at my duty and

    waiting until I give back my shift , you stay at the door and the man excuses and the  

    woman weeps harder and puts off the telephone .

    Coleages come along all together. A great raw is launched . The woman is the

    supervisor of the ward.She gives up the shift and call a taxi hurriedly and she went

    to Loghman Hospital.

    I was sitting in a corner and observed. I am waiting in this center for my turn to see

    my treatment doctor. I understand the pain of a woman. They don't cooperate at the 

    hard and neccessary time.

    Where as you have been and had an ever presence, but when you are needed , you

    burst to cry,there is nobody there.

    What is the picture you drew? It is related to myself , my children's ,view to my

    childhood , my school and my social relationships.This is a false picture and what

    ever I try and close all ways hardly , nevertheless a wind comes along and ruins my

    picture .I do like pictures , and never stop my search . 

    I feel sleepy .You make me awake , while I like to sleep.

    I feel sick ,help me!

    I feel pity , I sacrifice my comfort , my picture is silent and became off . I made

    everything tidy so that I can make my picture. I prepared all goods till I can draw the

    picture without worring of my hunger.

    But wind comes along and does not let my room stay warm until my work ends.

    Eventually ,my picture came to the end , after 49 years . Now the picture is so

    wonderful that I don't mind what other people may say.


  • Clouds .Sep 2016

    Upon the time when faith was hidden under the clouds , there was a queen who knew that victory belongs to

    her great army .

    She had seen her victorious army beyond the clouds , imagination and dreams . She had very realistic life

    with God . She was strong and had a bright beauty . She was loyal to her people and her country . She also

    was proud that her motherland has a queen who is full of generosity .

    She passed away stress and anxiety from people , and instance she presented happiness and wolfare to the

    wasses .They were very prosperous . The neapers could reach to the plough-land aculmers.

    There were health , products in great supply  and above all fresh loves .

    Since , this queen could see beyound clouds her dreams and could supply with water and faith , then she was able to neap

    them with affection .

    Dark powers did not have any passage to this realm .

    The queen's castle had several gates and had combination locks which could be open with lights and the darkness could

    be attacked with a touching lights , then the darkness became brightness immediately . 

    Doors were closed and should be remained closed until the queen's power be kept on in her realm and get increased till

    the attack starts.

  • The Morning Glory Flower Aug. 2016

    The seeds of "Morning glory " were given to my father from a lady who is a member of association of animal protection.It was a gift to my father brought to clinic. My father is a psychologist and this woman was his student long before revolution 1979. Friends ,students ,new and old clients ,all come to the clinic to see my father.It was also a good opportunity for me to be with my Dad and be an assistant to him at his job. I am now about 50 years old and my father is 83. My father and I were pursuing for" becoming"and did not have much opportunities for being together.
    The seeds of Morning glory were given to us by that affectionate woman. She was telling that the previous night could not sleep well. The reason for not being able to sleep as she explained ,was the injury of a dog who callided with a car and had to go under surgical operation.She could not sleep because she had to look after the dog until it became aware after unconsciouness .
    Little pieces of round and black seeds of Morning glory were given to us by her. My father gave most of the seeds to me for planting them in my balcony. I brought them home and planted them. After a while,my dad said give me some of the seeds if you still have them. He wanted to plant in the back yard,where he lives.The seeds were planted, and we were waiting for their growth.
    It took a long time!
    One month or much more!
    At last the young leafs came up at the balcony.
    Suprisingly,we had young Morning glories at clinic too!
    But under the Benjamin tree!
    Nor my father neither I didnot plant the seeds there!

  • Solstice Aug.2022

    I needed time to find my way

    Therefor I draw redlines between us.

    Between you and me

    my adorable beloved one.

    It was too hard my love

    It is still...

    I'm growing thou

    I'm meditating cause I have to be in


    To give you the present

    Present and souvenirs

    You love souvenirs

    Me more

    Yours was love

    Mine was awakening

    Our relatives were surprised...

  • The beauty of moments 2017/02/25

    When we were watching TV, the water pipes broke. The house was quickly getting full of warm water. They cut the electricity. My grandmother looked puzzled, she couldn't figure out why the house turned into a bath tub full of vapour. In the midst of this chaos, grandma had taken off her socks and was enjoying the warm water. No one noticed her as it was dark.

    They were looking for a way to pump the water out of the house. The grandma was swimming like a fish, she was lying on her back on the water. She was holding her breath and opening her eyes under water. The water was pumped out but they found out her skirt had twisted around her legs and then around grandpa's old chair.

    She had embraced the leg of the chair with a smile on her face and passed away. 

  • The sacred flight of the Golden Eagle 2016

    Checking my facebook account, I came across a message from an old school friend.

    It all went back to thirty-two years ago. He was also single. He was living with his mother and owned a successful business. We soon get used to chatting in virtual world. We both enjoyed Rock and Jazz and we were both found of swimming.

    After two months we managed to make an arrangement.

    He invited me to dinner, when he arrived to pick me up, I was amazed to see him driving the latest model of Mercedes.

    He walked gracefully to say hello. On the contrary I had tried hard to look simple to present, the look of the school friend, not a fashionable snub woman. I was wearing jeans and a black leather jacket and loafers. I had slight makeup. We were entremely delighted to meet. He stopped at a luxurious resturant and opened the door for me. (According to an old French saying:Men open the car door for women for two reasons; the first date or a new car.)

    He went on talking about his difficult past life, his father's death and even his own near to death experience. He got all the pain off his chest. He was a chatter box. He kept non-stop. I was getting a headache. He had a near to death experience and he was describing all the scens after coming back to life. He talked about his mother who was suffering from schizophernia, and all the problems they were dealing with and about his commitment to family and his vow of not getting married to serve the parents as long as they are alive. At the door to my house, he gave a beautiful bunch of flowers which were placed on the backseat. Forty-one white roses to represent my age and they were arranged to be as tall as me.

    I came home with white roses. I started painting them, after two months a large golden eagle was rising from among the white roses.